Casamero Lake Chapter

Our Story

The community was named after a Spanish man named Casamero who lived near the lake; he wanted the community named after him.

It is said the early community meetings were held in a Hogan until the first chapter house was built. The meetings were generally conducted by a man named Incly Begay. People walked to the meetings or came on horseback and wagons. Meeting in the early days dealt with dam building and repair, plowing, sheep-dipping, etc. Mr. Begay later gave a portion of his livestock grazing area to the chapter to build a meeting house. A new chapter house was built in 1980; this building also includes a warehouse.

The primary school was started in a small trailer with only eight (8) students. They were taught by Mormons. Recently, a new school was built with a gym and additions to accommodate the seventh and eighth graders.

There are no telephone communication services in the community. There might be some progress on this with the Navajo Communications Company in the near future; although some community folks now have access to cellular phones which has help fill in the service gap.

April 15, 2015 – Casamero Lake became the 42nd LGA Certified Chapter.

Chapter Calendar

Chapter Location

Chapter Staff

George H. Tolth, President

Lawrence Largo, Vice President

Raymond Tolth, Sec/Treasurer

Kevin Long, Landboard Member

Daniel Tso, Council Delegate

Kimberly Lister, Chapter Manager

Roxana Mariano, Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Abeita, Community Health Representative

Chapter Rentals

$31.80 (Includes NN Tax) + $100.00 Security Deposit

$53.00 (Includes NN Tax) + $100.00 Security Deposit

Water Card (Registered Voters Only)
$20.00 / Month (250 Gallon Limit Per Day)

Equipment Rental
*Renter Responsible for Fuel Purchasing*

$35.00 / Hr

Motor Grader
$75.00 / Hr – Registered Voters
$100.00 / Hr – Non Registered Voters

$30.00 / Day
$25.00 Additional Day

$50.00 / Day
$25.00 Additonal Day

$20.00 / Day

Business Hours

COVID-19 Hours

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 10am-2pm

Wednesday -10am-2pm

Thursday -10am-2pm

Friday –¬†Closed